Different social media site promotion


400 Rs Per 1000 Facebook Fan Page Likes Or Followers
30 Rs Per 1000 Instagram Photo Likes or Views
400 Rs per 1000 Instagram followers
60 Rs Per 1000 Youtube Views ( Can Give Upto 1 Million Views
150 rs per 100 Youtube subscriber
70 rs per 100 Youtube likes
80 rs per 100 Youtube dislikes
100 Rs Per 1000 Facebook Photo likes ( Emotion,angry,love,haha reaction )
Facebook and Youtube is Available in Bulk also.
I can give 20,000 Facebook Likes/Followers in Any Fan Page/Profile
And Upto 1 Million Youtube Views in Any Video.
Feel Free to Call me or Message me..
Payment via Paytm/bank transfer/PayPal {all payment rate is in indian rupees}


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